Digital creativity

Mission and vision


Our mission is first and foremost an ideological one. Digital Creativity wants to teach people creative skills with the help of technology. In this way, to enrich their lives with this knowledge.
We teach them what technology is, what the added value is for them, as well as the possible risks of it. Doing this in a personal and creative way will teach many more important skills such as cooperation, communication, creative thinking, computational thinking, problem solving, information skills, critical thinking, social & cultural skills, media literacy and self-regulation. Even when people do not interact much with technology in their lives, these skills and ways of thinking will strengthen them and make them more complete.

Digital Creativity believes that the personal development of every person is important. Everyone however small has the power within them to change the world. This can be done in small ways, for example by having a positive influence on a family member, but also on a larger scale. By taking a role as a politician, athlete, scientist, writer, artist or entrepreneur, for example. We sometimes forget that the world would look very different if certain people had never made inventions or achievements. And that wars are often started and ended by a single individual. It is precisely by empowering people with creativity and technology that we hope to contribute to a better world. By combining technology with one of the greatest human characteristics: creativity.

Every human being has the right to surround themselves with whatever technology they need to flourish. At Digital Creativity, we work as much as possible with devices and software already abundant in the living world. This allows us to work in a very inclusive way. We are therefore convinced that the creative approach to technology leads to the full development of every human being. Regardless of social economic background and ethnicity, everyone can make use of their unique talents through our working methods. That is why it is important for everyone to be introduced to our creative approach to technology. After all, you don't know what this way of working can do for you if you have never learned to work with it. After all, unknown makes unloved.
We believe in creative, process-oriented solutions for technology in education. When children work in a playful, creative and expressive way, the result comes naturally. When it does not come immediately then the result follows at another time.

It is important that children learn to work with different types of media and technology. Making an animation film involves different aspects and skills than working with virtual reality. Using all technologies brings out unique skills and talents they did not know existed before.



Learning young is done old forms an important core value in our vision. That is why we start at primary school level with our unique combination of creativity and technology. Step by step and with level adjustments, we extend this to all forms of education. You can think of secondary education, special education, universities, vocational and practical education. But training teachers, adults and after-school education is also important to us. An important condition for this, however, is that someone must be able to read and write sufficiently.
Our focus is on the school curriculum of cultural education, digital literacy and technology education. The latter only applies when there is a strong link with creativity and technology.
A nice combination between recreation and our mission ensures that we also operate for consumers, businesses, libraries, museums, healthcare institutions and justice institutions.

To remain attractive and relevant, we aim to develop a number of new technologies or applications every year. These can then be moulded into different concepts such as workshops, lessons, curricula, demonstrations or lectures for the various target groups. We also strive for educational innovation. We contribute to this in both form and content.
Digital Creativity invests a large part of its revenues in new material so that we can unburden our clients. This keeps the threshold for our services low. As does the financial effort for the client. And that, in turn, guarantees our inclusive objectives. It is our belief that the combination of creativity and technology will ultimately lead to innovation and progress.

Digital Creativity aims to enrich every human life with this. This starts at local, regional and national level but does not stop at national borders. The added value of our working methods is global. The mission does not stop until every person anywhere in the world knows the unique possibilities of creativity and technology. From the smallest village to the largest metropolis, every human being counts.
Digital Creativity wants to be and remain meaningful in the field of creativity and technology. With a major and lasting impact on people and society.

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