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Vacancy: guest lecturer media (m/f/x)

Who is that guest teacher who always gives fun media lessons? Who is welcomed with open arms by the children at school?

Do you want to be that guest teacher of media? Then we are looking for you!

You will travel independently to a school where you will teach one or more of our media classes.
Sometimes you work at 1 school and sometimes at several schools. Afterwards, you often give an after-school media lesson and then the working day is done.


What we ask:

  • Working with media and schools often requires some flexibility. Sometimes a lesson does drop out or you may be asked to stay an extra hour. Don't worry, as this will never be evening or weekend work.
  • It goes without saying, but when you are in front of the classroom, it is useful to be able to work well with children.
  • Having an affinity with technology, such as tablets and smartphones, is a plus but not a requirement. We will teach you all about these devices, so you don't have to go out unprepared.
  • Having your own transport is easy, but that too is a plus and not a requirement. After all, public transport also allows you to get to the schools.

What we offer:

  • Working as a guest media teacher is fun and varied work. One moment you teach at a small village school and the next you have class HAVO4 in the Randstad in front of you. But teaching children with disabilities also makes your work very varied.
  • We have developed our own lessons in which there is definitely room for your own input. Because we find that very important. We are therefore very curious to hear what you think of the lessons.
  • Working with media in education is very rewarding work and very fulfilling. You feel that you are giving something back to children that benefits them. Sometimes you really feel like a movie star when you walk across the playground and children latch on to you because their favourite teacher is back.
  • A varied and fun job on an on-call basis.
  • Despite often working independently, you will be part of a fun team. There are therefore regular joint (lunch) training sessions and outings.


So is your work as a guest media teacher always rosy? No, working with some children can be quite challenging at times. But however exhausting the work can be at times, it is always an enrichment to children's lives. And you are an important part of that after all.

Does this look like a fun job to you?
Then send an email with a C.V. to