Digital creativity

Workload reduction

For many teachers, the workload in education is high. This is not without reason; teaching and working with children carries a considerable burden. For many teachers, the workload in education is high. Energy levels are often low at the end of a teaching day while there is still plenty of work waiting for the teacher. The causes of the high workload are often large classes, intensive supervision of some pupils, test pressure and all kinds of administrative tasks. In addition, a teacher may fall ill. Especially when a teacher is home for a long time, it is often not possible to arrange a good substitute teacher.

Digital Creativity can help reduce teachers' workloads. We can also provide a solution in case of absenteeism. If a school leader hires us, our skilled teacher will take over the lesson. Instead of maths and language, creative media lessons are taught. For instance, students will work with animation film, photo editing, green screen, video, holography, 3D printing, augmented reality and virtual reality. In the context of the above comment, one could say that the lessons connect to children's perceptions and are developmentally appropriate. In addition, these lessons also ensure that we want students to use new technology in a creative way.

For both primary and secondary education, Digital Creativity offers a creative solution. We offer a separate programme for each type of education. This way, it perfectly matches the age and development of the pupils. A school leader can hire a subject teacher for half a day or a full day.

Our subject teacher then teaches several instructive media lessons. In addition, our teacher relieves the entire school team by taking responsibility.

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