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Lessons in (new) media, technology and digital art.

Learning from the nicest guest lecturers in education: we are Digital Creativity.

How Digital Creativity makes an impact

Media literacy lessons should be fun, challenging and interactive.

With our friendly and skilled guest lecturers, we like to make the right educational impact on your students. We believe in a way of learning in which we educate, inspire but, above all, create. In this way, we make our educational offer fun and interesting for almost every type of education. In doing so, we offer a unique concept in which we combine (new) media, technology and digital art into a unique blend. A blend that responds to a growing demand from many schools in the Netherlands to continue education in 21-century skills at all levels.

Besides our main activities, we are also regularly active in the business world. Here, our staff regularly give inspiring and interactive workshops, clinics, lectures and company outings on location. For private persons, we are also a welcome guest, when we can take care of our sophisticated children's parties down to the last detail.

What our customers say

The children found the vlogging workshop a lot of fun. They got to work and thought it was really cool to follow in the footsteps of their role models for a change. During this activity, they became aware of the 'rules' around filming: don't just put other children in the picture and don't just share the footage taken. It was good to have another conversation about that!"

 Yoanique Hillen, Teacher group 5 and culture coordinator KBS de Wingerd, Zwolle Vlogging workshop

Learning to vlog at school: we are happy to be your 1st choice

We noticed that the students, through the given workshop have handled the cinematic resources much better. This benefited them a lot in making the practical final assignment."

Aline Rijploeg, teacher of CKV at Nassau comprehensive school, Breda

Action with cinematography: the No. 1 specialist

Today my class had the workshop: the house of the future. A guest teacher took the children into the world of designing a house and decorating it. After the brief explanation, the children got straight to work in groups. They had to think about where to put the doors and windows, how to furnish it and, of course, the colour scheme. By deliberating well, the children arrived at a beautiful result after this interesting lesson."

Anouchka van de Coolwijk, Teacher and culture coordinator Daltonschool de Evenaar, Oss

workshop / lesson: the house of the future

From Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, we have established a company outing had at Digital Creativity. It was a very fun and interactive workshop where we were introduced to Virtual Reality. The workshop was fun!

Ilona van der Hoeven-Huijps, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Zwolle

Ilona van der Hoeven-Huijps

From Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, we have established a company outing had at Digital Creativity. It was a very fun and interactive workshop. We were introduced to-and taught about-the growing possibilities of Virtual Reality. This workshop was fun taught!"

Daniëlle Kelder, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Zwolle

2: Technology company outing, fun and educational!


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03-03-2023: Digital Creativity partner of All Digital EU

03-03-2023: Digital Creativity partner of All Digital EU

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Our take on education

Digital Creativity as a modern school subject

A child from toddler to adolescent, has a lot to learn and develop in his or her school life. Basic subjects such as language and numeracy are and will continue to be incredibly important in this development.

Yet the new era brings other challenges. Our modern and forward-looking approach, brings us to all 21-century skills. Media literacy, digital literacy, ICT skills, computational thinking: these are essential elements that current- and future-generations will have to continue to develop in order to hold their own in this world later on.

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