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A vlog is a video posted on a social media platform in which people film their daily activities. A kind of video diary, as it were. Most young people regularly watch "vloggers" or "YouTubers" on the internet. They are often revered as real heroes. Besides, it has really become a profession these days. Therefore, the influence of these vloggers is on today's society cannot be underestimated. In this workshop, students will make their own vlog about their "school" life.
In making the vlog, they learn about different camera angles and what the power of a vlog is. Besides being great fun for young people to make videos, they also learn less visible things. Thus, students subconsciously train their presentation skills. Which also makes vlogging suitable as a medium for other school subjects. Consider replacing the "traditional" talk. After all, some pupils find it easier to make a vlog than to give a presentation in front of a whole group.
Creating a vlog on a particular topic, combined with thorough research, can then be a godsend.

Key objectives
Learning to use the medium of video by working with different camera angles, as well as understanding and applying sub-discipline of vlogging. In addition, a sense of composition, storytelling, expression and visual language will be enhanced.
The pupil learns to use visual or auditory means to report on participation in artistic activities, both as a spectator and as a participant. (core objective 51) The pupil learns to reflect orally or in writing on his own work and the work of
others, including that of artists. (core objective 52)



Workshop number: 0029

Target group: VWO / HAVO / VMBO / VSO

Duration: 100 minutes (2 lessons)

Number of participants: 30 pupils

Location: At school


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