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14-02-2023: Mini children's party 4-6 years old

14-02-2023: Mini children's party 4-6 years

New to our offer: children's parties for ages 4 to 6.
Especially for toddlers, we have developed a new programme, ideal as a first children's party. We start the party with some sweets and lemonade. After this, we will work on 2 different parts.

You can choose from the following sections:
animated films
In small groups, we get to work making animated films in a very simple but fun way. Choose your background, characters, think of a story and... action!

learn to code
Help! There's a cat in distress! Playfully, children learn the basics of coding. By programming a robot, it can rescue the virtual cat. The further we get in the game, the more difficult the tasks become. Who will reach the finish line?

photo makeover
Always wanted to know how blue hair looks on you? Or are you curious how you will look later? During this makeover, you will completely customise your own photo the way you want it. Give yourself a beard, a different hairdo or some make-up. Anything goes!

magic colouring pages
Ever seen a colouring page come to life? No? Then opt for this activity! Everyone picks a magic colouring page and colours it. With a tablet and a magic spell, we can make your colouring page come to life. Magical!

Is your favourite part not listed? Contact us so we can look at the possibilities.

Minimum number of participants 6 and maximum 15

4 - 6 years

2 hours

€ 20.00 per participant

Bovendonk 111 in Roosendaal (other locations by arrangement)

By arrangement

For more information, please contact us: