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Blog: Digital seeds

Blog, 28-06-2024


We are planting digital seeds for future generations.


The digital jungle we are used to living in this 21st century is evolving rapidly. Various technologies follow in rapid succession, resulting in all kinds of innovation today. For instance, AI (artificial intelligence) is gaining an increasingly prominent role in our world. VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), mixed reality and holograms are also becoming increasingly important and applicable. A 3D printed steak? This may become the norm rather than the exception in the hospitality industry. Are you a fan of ABBA? If so, you'll be incredibly entertained by their 'Voyage' concert tour, in which they perform as younger versions of themselves in hologram form and which has already sold more than a million tickets...


We see that contemporary education in the Netherlands in general can still make great strides in media literacy and technology. Information is plentiful, but how do you use this prominent technology? What can you do with it? What are the risks? More important perhaps is the question of how we can take the next generations by the hand in this. How we find a unique form of education, in which information, inspiration, interaction and creation go hand in hand. We at Digital Creativity deal with this issue on a daily basis. By making use of these technologies, we offer space for pupils/course participants in primary, secondary and special education to discover what this digital age can offer them. In doing so, we strongly believe in creative ability, because creativity is always at the cradle of innovation. Inspiring tycones such as Steve Jobs, Elon Musk & Mark Zuckerberg have proven this time and again.


With a wide range of inspiring workshops, curricula and fully untroubled learning paths, we like to make that impact. We like to plant seeds, which can sprout in education, among other things. In doing so, we hope to indirectly contribute to the problem of the continuing shortage of ICT professionals, for instance. And if we can really dream, hopefully the new Steve Jobs will come from the Netherlands, to which we once contributed very early on. How great would that be?


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Author: Tim Hartendorp, on behalf of Digital Creativity