Digital creativity

Workshop-Dream World


Everyone dreams sometimes. Sometimes you have beautiful dreams and sometimes you have bad dreams. Your dreams can be realistic, absurd and symbolic. But almost everyone can remember one or more dreams. In this contemporary workshop, students will recreate their own dream world using Augmented Reality (AR). They can use all kinds of elements such as people, animals, trees, plants, buildings and vehicles. It is also possible to import their own sounds and images. When this world is ready, they will virtually move through their dream world. This way, their dream comes to life again!

Key objectives
Students learn to use augmented reality to communicate. This allows them to translate topics as they perceive them through a digital tool. They gain some knowledge and appreciation of aspects of storytelling. They also acquire animation skills and techniques in an exploratory phase. In addition, they learn to deal with new media, such as tablets and iPads. Pupils learn to look differently at their surroundings, as well as improving their sensory perceptions. (core objectives 54 and 55)



Workshop number: 0023

Target group: Primary school groups 5, 6, 7 and 8

Duration: 90 minutes

Number of participants: 30 pupils

Location: At school


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