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Workshop-Help! School is haunted

Help! School is haunted

Do you ever get that? You take a photo and then it looks like there is a ghost to be seen. This is because the photo camera is set with a slow shutter speed. Then when something moves, it is out of focus in the picture. In this way, you can photograph 'ghosts' and 'spirits' yourself. By using the speed and way of moving, they themselves influence how the 'ghosts' appear in the picture. But the speed of the camera's shutter speed is also important. Thus, participants learn playfully about camera settings such as shutter speed, aperture and exposure. The students divide into five groups. Each group is given a camera with a tripod. Someone always takes the picture and the others walk in front of the camera. This creates a 'witty' photo. Then the children switch after each photo so that everyone gets their turn to take a photo. Afterwards, they can look at the photos and discuss the results.

Key objectives
Students learn to use pictures to communicate. This allows them to translate subjects as they perceive them through a digital tool. They gain some knowledge about, and appreciation for, aspects of their environment. They also acquire photographic skills and techniques in an exploratory phase. They also learn to handle new media, such as cameras. The pupils learn to look differently at their environment as well as to improve their sensory perception. (core objectives 54 and 55)



Workshop number: 0245

Target group: Primary school groups 5, 6, 7 and 8

Duration: 90 minutes

Number of participants: 30 pupils

Location: At school


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