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Workshop-Small artist

Little artist

'There is an artist in every child.' This is something that is often said.
In the Little Artist workshop, this is something that takes centre stage. Specially developed for lower primary school pupils. With the help of a tablet, pupils will create their own painting based on existing works of art. They will instinctively work with all kinds of creative aspects such as colour, shape, composition, typography. Like a real artist, they will fill the canvas with all kinds of fun and creative expressions. This workshop is a very relaxed, fun and creative way to learn to work with tablets and creativity. Having fun without paint and brushes using the tablet as an instrument.
In this way, the artist emerges in every child!

Key objectives
Students learn to use computers to communicate. This allows them to translate topics as they perceive them through a digital tool. They acquire some knowledge about and appreciation of aspects of their environment. In addition, they acquire programming in an exploratory phase. They also learn to deal with new media, such as computers, tablets and iPads. Pupils learn to look differently at their environment, as well as improving their sensory perceptions. (core objectives 54 and 55)



Workshop number: 0003

Target group: Primary school groups 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

Duration: 60 minutes

Number of participants: 30 pupils

Location: At school


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