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Media literacy

Media literacy for every school

Digital Creativity provides media literacy lessons in all types of classroom education. We believe that everyone should get something from media literacy in the classroom. To this end, we offer a separate programme for each type of education. This way, it perfectly matches the age and development of the pupils. Do you have a special request? Then contact us free of charge and without obligation contact with us!

What is media literacy?

Media literacy is actually a catch-all term for a number of meanings. a term used by the Council for Culture since 2005. It describes the whole of new media, social media, smartphones, tablets and more. The wisdom is how to deal with this.

Media literacy also means using all available media smartly and safely. This both digitally and analogously. We focus on the digital part. We are very good at this. We teach you all about media wisdom in the classroom in a fun and instructive way. Any questions? Feel free and no obligation to contact with us!

Education of the future

Nobody knows what the future of education will look like. What is certain is that creativity and technology will play an important role in it. 21st-century skills are becoming increasingly important. Digital literacy, maker education and media education therefore play an increasing role. By working with new media, pupils acquire all kinds of skills such as: cooperation, communication, learning to work with ICT, critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving, media literacy, etc. These are skills that will benefit children throughout their lives.

Digital Creativity supports schools in this by organising fun and interesting media literacy lessons. This way, no major investments need to be made, because we bring everything ourselves or because we work with the materials already available at schools. In this way, everything remains very low-threshold and the child can take centre stage. Besides a ready-made offer, we can also provide tailor-made solutions in consultation with teachers. Therefore, everything is tailored to the wishes of the school and its pupils.

We already have a lot of experience teaching media literacy in the classroom. We have already worked with more than 200 schools to provide interesting media literacy lessons. We are very accessible and provide media lessons for all types of schools. These include primary, secondary and special schools. Thanks to our experience, we know exactly how to do this properly. We adapt our lessons to the age and type of education.

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