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Workshop 0248 - 3d foodmaker

3D food maker

3d Foodmaker is een nieuwe ervaring.

De workshop 3d foodmaker is een geweldige ervaring voor kinderen. Het nabootsen van fruit, groenten, of een lievelingsmaaltje zoals pizza’s. De 3D-printpen is een handig gereedschap bedoeld om zelf driedimensionale vormen te maken. De techniek is dezelfde als die van de 3D-printer. Het werkt als een gewone pen die je vult met plastic draad, de zogeheten filamenten. Gebruikers kunnen met het gesmolten plastic op een stuk papier ‘tekenen’ alsof ze een echte pen in handen hebben. Het gesmolten filament is flexibel en makkelijk te bewerken.

In this creative workshop, you will learn how to print your own 'food' that you can hold. Students choose food they are going to recreate with the 3D printing pens. In doing so, they have to look carefully at the shape, volume, colour and texture of the food. Each student chooses a unique type of food and the aim is to work with the group to print the most varied meal possible in the classroom. Before they can print the food, they will first have to create the design and then choose which 3D printing technique they will use to create everything.

Key objectives
Students learn to improve their spatial understanding. This allows them to translate subjects as they perceive them through a digital tool. They acquire some knowledge about, and gain an appreciation of, aspects of their environment. They also acquire 3D printing skills and techniques in an exploratory phase. In addition, they learn to deal with new media, such as 3D printing. Pupils learn to look differently at their environment, as well as improving their sensory perceptions. (core objectives 54 and 55)


Workshop number: 0248

Target group: Primary school groups 5, 6, 7 and 8

Duration: 120 minutes

Number of participants: 30 pupils

Location: At school


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