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Workshop-Immersive virtual reality

Immersive VR

Immersive virtual reality is a technology that aims to create an experience that lets you truly experience the virtual world. It aims to make users feel physically present in a digital world by stimulating multiple senses. During this exclusive workshop, students can build their own virtual worlds, play sports, dance and much more.
Immersive virtual reality is used in various applications, including gaming, training simulations, education, virtual tours and therapies. By coming into contact with it, students learn what possibilities this interesting technology has to offer for them.

Key objectives
Learning how to use Immersive virtual reality by working with a Meta VR headset. In addition, they learn to put themselves in the mind of the artist. They do this by exploring and applying a mix of artistic and technical means. The pupil learns to use visual or auditory means to report on participation in artistic activities, as a spectator and as a participant. (core objective 51) The pupil learns to reflect orally or in writing on his own work and the work of others, including that of artists. (core objective 52)



Workshop number: 0240

Target group: VWO / HAVO / VMBO / VSO

Duration: 100 minutes (2 lessons)

Number of participants: 16 pupils

Location: At school


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