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Young people watch the media platform YouTube a lot. As a result, they watch a lot of videos. Documentaries, influencers, sports competitions, movies, music videos and much more. Which subconsciously influences them. It changes the way they view themselves, other peers and society. But YouTube also influences how they view gender roles and image. The camera angle also affects the power of the music video.
In the Planet YouTube workshop, students will search YouTube for a video clip, which they will analyse and dissect themselves. This involves answering questions such as: What message is the director delivering? Why does the camera take a certain position? What roles do the people in the video assume? Then, in groups, they will use green screen filming techniques to reenact the chosen clip or give their own interpretation of it. After all the videos have been recorded, they can reflect on each other's work.

Key objectives
Learning to use the medium of video by working with different camera angles, as well as understanding and applying green screen filming techniques. In addition, a sense of composition, expression and visual language is strengthened. The pupil learns to use visual or auditory means to report on participation in artistic activities, both as a spectator and as a participant. (core objective 51) The pupil learns to reflect orally or in writing on his own work and the work of others, including that of artists. (core objective and 51 and 52)



Workshop number: 0032

Target group: VWO / HAVO / VMBO / VSO

Duration: 100 minutes (2 lessons)

Number of participants: 30 pupils

Location: At school


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