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Workshop-Stop motion animation films

Stop motion animation film

Stop motion is an animation technique where you take pictures of an object. By moving the object each time before taking the picture, an animated film is created. An important condition is that the camera must not be moved during this process. This technique has been around for years and is ideal for filming a story. Stop motion is very time-consuming because many photos have to be taken.

In this workshop, you will first make up a story with your group and create a storyboard. After this, you get to work on filming everything. It is important to work well together and to divide the tasks. This way, you will get a nice end result.

Using a simple computer programme, the animated film comes to life. You can also add all kinds of fun things, such as music or sound effects. The films can be viewed afterwards.

Key objectives
Students learn to use animated film to communicate. This allows them to translate topics as they perceive them through a digital tool. They gain some knowledge and appreciation of aspects of storytelling. They also acquire animation film skills and techniques in an exploratory phase. In addition, they learn to deal with new media, such as tablets and iPads. Pupils learn to look differently at their surroundings, as well as improving their sensory perceptions. (core objectives 54 and 55)



Workshop number: 0001

Target group: Primary school groups 5, 6, 7 and 8

Duration: 90 minutes

Number of participants: 35 students

Location: At school


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